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The Omega Heated Hoodie by Volt is a perfect sweatshirt for daily use at home or campus life. This thing will pump the heat in to your body’s core with the help of our patented Zero Layer Heat System. The Zero Layer Heat System minimizes the amount of bulky layers and also maximizes heat transfer. This will keep you toasty warm so you can enjoy more of life’s outdoor activities.

The Omega Heated Hoodie is made with a high strength Poly/Cotton blend. This sweatshirt won’t lose its shape and will stay looking sharp. The external rubber switch on the outside of the right hip pocket allows you to choose between 3 different settings. The switch will glow red when on the highest setting, blue for the medium setting and green for the highest setting. When you have the heat system turned on you will feel heat in 4 zones which will be upper back, lower middle back and each pocket. The pocket heat is to help keep your hands warm on those chilly fall mornings and evenings.

The Omega Heated Hoodie comes complete with a charging cord and a 5 volt 6000 mAh battery that will keep you warm for hours. When you aren’t using the battery to heat the hoodie you can also use the battery to charge a cell phone. It is important to note that you can use any 5V USB powerbank to run the heat system as long as it has a minimum 2 amp output.

  • Includes VB560 5v 6000mAh USB powerbank battery and charging cable the provides soothing heat on high for 2+ hours and 5+ hours on the lowest setting
  • Four zone heat system located in the upper back, lower back and both hand pockets
  • Safe & Durable 5v Zero Layer Heat System
  • External push button controller switch with 3 power level settings
  • High strength cotton for great durability and soft feel