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Heated motorcycle gloves, sizes: L, XL
Heated motorcycle gloves, size: L, XL
Product code: GDBL

Ogrzewane rękawice motocyklowe
Glovii heated clothing is a unique solution allowing you to maintain thermal comfort even on the coldest days of the year.

Glovii products stand out, thanks to the use of heated carbon fibers, which have a positive effect on blood circulation by emitting infrared waves.

Glovii clothing was designed with sportspeople in mind, especially those practicing winter sports.

It’s also a perfect solution for bikers, construction workers, hunters, photographers and elderly persons.

Ogrzewane rękawice motocyklowe
The most important features
  • The heating element is constructed from carbon fibres offering extraordinary reliability and durability as well as medical properties, thanks to infrared waves
  • A safe and economic Li-Poly battery provides a long time of operation of the heating system
  • Gloves can be powered with provided in the set Li-Poly battery or can be connected directly to motorcycle battery
  • The heating element is located around all fingers and at the top of the hand, thanks to which your hand will remain comfortably warm all the time
  • The gloves are made of natural cow leather and are insulated by the Thinsulate fabric patented by the 3M group
  • The current-conducting filament on the thumb and the index finger allows for using touchscreens without the need to take off the gloves
  • A closed pocket for storing the battery offers you comfort of use every day

Ogrzewane rękawice motocyklowe
Technical data
  • heating element: 10 W - carbon fiber
  • heated areas: around all fingers and at the top of the hand
  • battery: 2x 2100 mAh (25.2 Wh); Li-Poly
  • power supply: Li-Poly battery or motorcycle battery
  • charger: 8.4 V, 1 A
  • modes: HI (55°C), MED (47°C), LO (39°C)
  • working time: 2100 mAh Li-Poly - 6 h (LO), 4 h (MED), 2 h (HI)
  • built-in energy gauge
  • works with touch screens
  • outer fabric: 100% natural leather
  • lining: 100% polyester
  • available sizes: L, XL
  • colour: black-red-white
  • weight without batteries: 600 g
  • weight with battery: 800 g
  • package dimensions: 390x190x100 mm
  • package weight: 900 g

Ogrzewane rękawice motocyklowe
The set includes
  • heated motorcycle gloves Glovii GDB
  • 2x battery 2100mAh
  • charger
  • set of adapters (EU, UK, US)
  • battery cable
  • glove connector