About Us

After living in Calgary, Canada our entire life we have braved some pretty cold days. As Canadians know our winters can sometimes last for 6 months or more which means our lifestyle revolves around cold weather. We cater to everyone who works in the cold, the outdoor sports enthusiasts, hunters, sports spectators and even those who just want a warm blanket to cuddle with on a cold snowy day. We all just want to be warm and comfortable.

Tara Jenkins (co- founder) was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma cancer a few years ago and under went chemotherapy. She was constantly cold as her circulation was not the same, also known as Raynaud's syndrome. As she continued to deal with circulation issues even after her treatments were finished and was in remission, she always thought there had to be something out there that could keep her warm for hours at a time.

Diana Aurigemma (co-founder) who often skies with her family in the Rocky Mountains always struggled with her family having cold hands and feet while skiing in cold temperatures. There were many times where they had to stop in the lodge to warm up their feet. This required them taking their ski boots and socks off and having their feet ache in excruciating pain while in the process of warming their feet. She always thought there had to be a solution to this. 

As two busy moms watching our children play hockey in cold arenas and outdoor soccer on those chilly days we realized we needed to offer a solution to help people stay warm while doing the things they love. After a lot of research we decided to create a business as a one stop shop that offers quality heated products for all your heated needs. 

We hope we can help you stay warm doing the things you love most.